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The Exclusive 5Player$ Club

Who We Are:
The Exclusive 5Player$ Club is an independent company located in Bern, Switzerland.

Mr. Achille Zibi is independent from any alliance or cooperation agreement with third parties.

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What We Do:

The Achille Zibi Business Model works 100%
Profit/Return = {(Application Fee • X) ÷ Bonus Rate} − Application Fee
© - Achille Zibi - This formula represents The Achille Zibi Business Model 1.2. All Rights Reserved.

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We think big and different. We work hard. We enjoy our life. I guarantee you a great return.
Find 5Player$ .. You Are Rich. - Achille Zibi -

This is how it works:

1. Join The 5Player$ Club
(you must pay 525.- Swiss Francs.)

2. Invite Other People
(I pay you 500.- Swiss Francs each time a new member joins The 5Player$ Club thanks to you.)
- Achille Zibi -

In other words:
You pay 525.- CHF to open your personal account.
Each time someone opens a new account thanks to you, you earn 500.- CHF.

Achille Zibi - Founder & Chairman

I am the founder of Gun Funk Communications, born in 2002 as an independent record company called Gun Funk Records.

After the release of our first record in 2005 we were facing financial problems. We made an investment of about 50'000.- Swiss francs for the whole project (studio recording, mastering, videos, artwork, PR agency). We didn't have money for a real marketing campaign and we did not have a booking agency. The album had great reviews and is an hip hop classic in Italy. That album sold only 2'000 units but we still own the master.

After that experience my team left me alone, like .. me, my master and my logo. That was the payout deal with my main partner. He kept the money we had in our bank account and all the goods of the company (computers, clothes, chairs, desks and stuff like that). I kept my master and my logo.

So now we are in 2006 and I am looking for some investor. I was like .. "I am like the black Eminem .. the best in Italy .. invest in me I will make you a lot of money.". I found a financial company in Lugano who decided not really to invest but to give me a sort of loan of 20'000.- Swiss francs. That was really a great deal. I invested that money in building a new record studio. And I started working on my new album.

I know from my first experience that, if you are about to release a great music album, it is in your interest to have at least a 250'000.- Swiss francs budget for that album. And the music industry is moving to digital.

At that time the Gun Funk partner for our web presence was a company called Ti-Promotion. In 2007 Ti-Promotion asked me to work for them for a couple of months. They were the marketing company chosen for The 2009 UCI Road World Championships which were about to be held in Ticino. My task was to help Ti-Promotion finding some sponsors for that event. I personally didn't find any sponsor, but my assistant Claudia did. And from that experience I learned how the process of finding sponsors is organised.

So now we are in 2008 and I still have that 250'000.- Swiss francs budget issues to fix. I got my media kit ready and I'm looking for sponsors. After 6 moths I got something like 15'000.- Swiss francs in sponsoring deals, cool, but still not enough for my album.

Everybody is going online .. Myspace is still bigger than Facebook and I got 20'000 followers of Myspace. Let me think. I don't remember how, but oneway I found a word document about a Multi Level Marketing project, and that day my business world changed.

You are probably all familiar with the concept multi level, but that was new to me and I started to think about it. And I came out with my own project, which I called Club Gun Funk. In the meanwhile Gun Funk had a little store in the middle of the city, so started asking my customers to subscribe to our club. It works! People where paying. We had two options, the basic one (25.- Swiss francs) and the business one (250.- Swiss francs). And that idea was working. Once you have 20 .. 50 subscribers, you can say that it works.

I called my IT partner TI-Promotion, I told them what I was doing and I asked them to build me an online platform for the Club Gun Funk. My partner didn't want to build such a website for me. Maybe it was too complex, maybe something else. We had a partnership deal like .. Ti-Promotion builds Gun Funk website and take care of some Gun Funk artwork stuff, Gun Funk put Ti-Promotion logo on Gun Funk flyers, videos and like online. But that time Ti-Promotion did not want to build the Club Gun Funk website for free. That time they talked about something like 5'000.- .. 10'000.- Swiss francs. I felt so stupid and I blamed myself for giving them the power to tell me .. "No" on such a critical department of my business, our online presence.
And they told me .. "No" .. when the best thing to do was to say .. "Yes" .. like Nike .. Just Do It. The rest is thanks to me.

I had to tell you this story, so you will not think that reaching this level has been easy to me, and hopefully you will have more respect of what I did and my core idea.

Next thing you know .. I'm starting my Bachelor in Informatics Sciences at the University of Lugano in September 2009.
In the first semester they will not teach how to build a multi level marketing website. But if you are smart like I was back in 2010, you will come out with your first web project and have an offer of 100'000.- Swiss francs that you will turn down just because .. whatever.

We have all seen The Social Network .. right ? And you don't want to argue with your classmates about who did what on your website. Exactly. That's the reason why I code practically everything by myself.
So how can I handle this Multi Level issue ? It's basically a database issue, not that complicated.
Instead of .. Here Thanks to: The Genius Boy, we could say .. Here Thanks to: The Genius Boy .. related to (B, C, D, E). Basically a database issue, not that complicated. But you know what ? We can even make it much much better. Just keeping it simpler. And here comes my second innovation.

Like .. multi level, but we stop at the first level. If A introduces B to the Club, A earns from B's subscription. Then when B introduce C to the Club, B earns from C's subscription. But A should not earn from C's subscription just because A introduced B to the Club. You know what I mean ? Like .. multi level, but we stop at the first level.

Time flies and now we are in 2019. The name is 5Plyer$ Club. It's easier to find 1'000 people ready to earn 500.- Swiss francs, than to find 1'000 people ready to give you 500.- Swiss francs.
The Exclusive 5Plyer$ Club is basically about that. You earn 500.- Swiss francs each fucking time.

I must give credit to Jeff Bezos for the final touches. You know ? IT people hang out with IT people. So Jeff Bezos was like .. "Boy .. it's your Birthday! .. You should give us some gifts!". And I though .. he is right. And that's how we came out with the 525.- deal. Find 5Player$ .. You Are Rich. - Achille Zibi -

Achille Zibi is the Sole Owner of The Exclusive 5Player$ Club
(Achille Zibi owns the 100% of The Exclusive 5Player$ Club).

Founded in 2013 by Achille Zibi.